Nujabes Worlds End Rhapsody Homework Sheets

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Welcome to /r/Nujabes

This subreddit as about sharing all of your favorite songs and artists that reminds you of Nujabes. The genre of music can range from classical and jazz all the way to electronic and experimental.

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Who Is Nujabes (ヌジャベス)?

Seba Jun (瀬場潤), a legend in the music industry, although his name is unknown to many. Nujabes produces a very magical kind of music, and has garnered quite the cult following because of it. Adult Swim often used to play Nujabes beats during the little "bumps" between shows, so you might recognize some of his work from there. His music is a real experience, thought-provoking and relaxing, and nearly all of his fan's would tell you the same. Nujabes released 3 studio albums, 4 singles, and worked extensively producing the Samurai Champloo soundtrack, along with Fat Jon, Minmi, and Force of Nature. His career tragically ended on February 26th, 2010, after a car accident in Shibuya, Tokyo, we'll get more in-depth about that later. But enough intro, let's get to the core of Nujabes, what you all came for.

Solo Discography

Metaphorical Music - (2003)

Metaphorical Music was Nujabes' first solo album, under the Hydeout Productions label. He achieved most of his recognition through this album, although he did have a small following beforehand, for his work in Hydeout's first compilation album. This album features many rappers/producers from the label, including Substantial, Pase Rock, and Five Deez, among others. Metaphorical Music is a very good showcase of what Nujabes can do, as each track has it's own flavor, something that makes it unique. As with all of his music, the production is perfect, and the composition is master-class.

  1. Blessing It (Remix) (featuring Substantial & Pase Rock)
  2. Horn In The Middle
  3. Lady Brown (featuring Cise Starr)
  4. Kumomi
  5. Highs 2 Lows (featuring Cise Starr)
  6. Beat Laments The World
  7. Letter From Yokosuka
  8. Think Different (featuring Substantial)
  9. A Day By Atmosphere Supreme
  10. Next View (featuring Uyama Hiroto)
  11. Latitude (Remix)" (featuring Five Deez)
  12. F.I.L.O. (featuring Shing02)
  13. Summer Gypsy
  14. The Final View
  15. Peaceland

Modal Soul - (2005)

Arguably the best album that Nujabes released, this album contains so many real classics that people associate with his legacy. Modal Soul really helped shoot him into the public-eye (among the instrumental hip-hop scene, at least), along with his aforementioned work on the Samurai Champloo soundtrack in 2004. This album introduces and perfects the sound that Seba Jun is most well-known for, laid-back beats, catchy samples, and instruments of all varieties. Again, he brings along some vocalists/rappers from the Hydeout Productions label for the ride.

  1. Feather (featuring Cise Starr & Akin)
  2. Ordinary Joe (featuring Terry Callier)
  3. Reflection Eternal
  4. Luv (Sic) Part 3 (featuring Shing02)
  5. Music Is Mine
  6. Eclipse (featuring Substantial)
  7. The Sign (featuring Pase Rock)
  8. Thank You (featuring Apani B)
  9. World's End Rhapsody
  10. Modal Soul (featuring Uyama Hiroto)
  11. Flowers (guest appearance from Dinah Washington)
  12. Sea of Cloud
  13. Light on the Land
  14. Horizon

Spiritual State - (2011)

I know what you're thinking; "2011? /u/Old_Book, I thought you said he died in 2010!", and you're correct, he did. Nujabes was in the process of completing this album upon his death. Spiritual State was finished posthumously by those close to him, using instrumentals Nujabes had already produced. This album has a generally more heavy feeling to it, a lot of the songs use deep, lush pads, and have a lower-than-average BPM. Many Nujabes fans agree that this was an immaculate send-off for his shortlived presence as a producer.

  1. Spiritual State (featuring Uyama Hiroto)
  2. Sky Is Tumbling (featuring Cise Starr)
  3. Gone Are The Days (featuring Uyama Hiroto)
  4. Spiral
  5. City Lights (featuring Pase Rock & Substantial)
  6. Color Of Autumn
  7. Dawn On The Side
  8. Yes (featuring Pase Rock)
  9. Rainy Way Back Home
  10. Far Fowls
  11. Fellows
  12. Waiting For The Clouds (featuring Substantial)
  13. Prayer
  14. Island (featuring Uyama Hiroto & Haruka Nakamura)


Sweet Sticky Thing - (1998)


  1. Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway - Be Real Black For Me
  2. Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - Hope That We Can Be Together Soon
  3. Thelma Houston - Come To Me
  4. Angela Winbush - Angel
  5. Chocolate Milk - Hurry Down Sunset
  6. Atlantic Star - With Your Love I Come Alive
  7. Love Unlimited - If You Want Me, Say It
  8. Charles Earland - Phire
  9. Freda Payne - Master Of Love
  10. Anita Baker - Sweet Love
  11. Sunfire - Young Free And Single
  12. The Peddles - On A Clear Day
  13. Evelyn “Champagne” King - The Show Is Over
  14. Black Street - Happy Song (Tonite)
  15. Ohio Players - Sweet Sticky Thing
  16. Linda Tillery - I Suppose
  17. Tavares - The Skin You’re In
  18. Jerome “Secret Weapon” Prister and Output - Say You’ll Be


  1. Adriana Evans - Looking For Your Love
  2. GO - Dark Side Of The Sun
  3. Donny McCullough - Ain’t Love Funny
  4. Amii Stewart - Closest Thing To Heaven
  5. Mary Davis - Separate Ways
  6. Betty Wright - You’re Just What I Need
  7. Linda Williams - Elevate Our Minds
  8. Billy Butler - Play My Music
  9. Eramus Hall - Just Me And You
  10. Betty Wright - Say It Again
  11. Glenn Jones - Stay (Brixton Bass Mix)
  12. Gota & The Heart Of Gold - Someday
  13. Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You
  14. Jaye - On My Mind
  15. Tony! Toni! Toné! - Tell Me Mama
  16. Sugar - Can’t Fight The Feeling
  17. Cashflow - Mine All Mine
  18. Bobbi Humphrey - The Good Life

Ristorante Nujabes - (2002)


Hydeout Productions 1st Collection - (2003)

  1. Moon Strut (Intro)
  2. Don't Even Try It (featuring Funky DL)
  3. Strive (featuring Apani B)
  4. Home Sweet Home (featuring Substantial)
  5. Still Talking To You
  6. Luv (Sic) (featuring Shing02)
  7. Steadfast
  8. Lyrical Terrorists (featuring Substantial & L-Universe)
  9. Lose My Religion (Remix) (featuring L-Universe)
  10. It's About Time (Fat Jon Remix) (featuring Pase Rock)
  11. Plazma Avenue (Remix) (featuring Five Deez)
  12. D.T.F.N. (featuring Cise Starr)
  13. Peoples Don't Stray (featuring Funky DL)
  14. Luv (Sic) Part 2 (featuring Shing02)

Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection - (2007)

  1. Voice Of Autumn
  2. Sky Is Falling (Featuring CL Smooth)
  3. Waltz For Life Will Born
  4. Imaginary Folklore (Featuring Clammbon)
  5. Hikari (Featuring Subsantial)
  6. Counting Stars
  7. Another Reflection
  8. Fly By Night (Featuring Five Deez)
  9. Old Light (Voices From 93 Milion Miles Away remix) (Featuring Pase Rock)
  10. With Rainy Eyes
  11. Luv (sic) (Modal Soul remix) (Featuring Shing02)
  12. Windspeaks
  13. Winter Lane (Nujabes remix)
  14. After Hanabi -Listen To My Beats-

Modal Soul Classics - (2008)

Modal Soul Classics II: Dedicated To Nujabes - (2010)

The Luv(Sic) hexalogy featuring Shing02 (2002-2013)

This history of the Luv(Sic) series as told by Shing02

As I said mentioned earlier, Nujabes and Shing02 were a real match-made-in-heaven so to speak. The entire Luv(Sic) series is a beautiful showcase of Nujabes' work throughout his life. From parts 1-6, Shing02 rhymes about all the different ordeals and pleasures that come along with love. Parts 1-5 were recorded during Nujabes' lifetime, and part 6 was completed by Shing02 and some of his other close friends after allegedly finding the instrumental he had produced for it on his cell phone just weeks after his death. Luv(Sic) isn't just music, it's a journey, and my absolute favorite piece of music in the world.

Other works that include Nujabes

Hydeout Productions 1st Collection

Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection

Uyama Hiroto's "A Son of the Sun"

Modal Soul Classics

Modal Soul Classics II

Substantial's "To This Union a Sun Was Born"

Samurai Champloo Music Record: Masta - (2004)

  1. Vagrancy
  2. Mist
  3. Judgment On
  4. Loading Zone
  5. Paranoid
  6. Silver Children
  7. The Long Way Of Drums
  8. Sneak Chamber
  9. New Dimension
  10. Raw Material
  11. Dry
  12. Breeezin'
  13. Tubed [Drum Please!!!]
  14. Pretending To...
  15. seventythree [I Ask]
  16. I Sighed
  17. Sincerely
  18. Nubernine [Back In TYO]
  19. YOU (Feat. Kazami)

Samurai Champloo Music Record: Departure - (2004)

Samurai Champloo Music Record: Playlist - (2004)

Samurai Champloo Music Record: Impression - (2004)

Beats For Nujabes

Ode To Nujabes


So that's my quick introduction to Nujabes, for you. I hope I've helped you learn more about him, and hopefully led some of you to continue listening to all the rest of his music. If you enjoy this style of music, I highly recommend that you go buy/listen to the compilation album "Mellow Beats, Friends & Lovers", which includes Nujabes among quite a few other really great artists. Sorry this isn't nearly as good as most of the other "guides", but I feel that a lot of his music speaks for itself, a story packed into every song.

R.I.P - Seba Jun (February 7, 1974 – February 26, 2010)

Credit goes to /u/Old_Book for creating a nice summary of Nujabes and his works.

Where Can I Get Started?

You can listen to artists like Nujabes by downloading these mixes. Some of the mixes do not have an artist list and I apologize for that. If a guy named SmokinJoshy is out there, thank you for making these mixes.

Mixes By SmokinJoshy

Recommended Artists

  • 3nd
  • 40 Winks
  • 45
  • 49ers
  • 9th Wonder
  • A Tribe Called Quest
  • Aceyalone
  • Aether
  • Aicube
  • Art Espace
  • Asayake Production
  • AYB Force
  • Bambino
  • Beatsound
  • Beenzino
  • Binary Star
  • Black Sheep
  • Blackalicious
  • Blazo
  • Blue Scholars
  • Bonobo
  • Brazilectro (Compilation Albums)
  • C.L. Smooth
  • Camp Lo
  • Chinese Man
  • Cloudancer
  • Common
  • Common Market
  • Cradle
  • Crown City Rockers
  • CYNE
  • Deeb
  • Dela
  • Deltron 3030
  • Digable Planets
  • DJ Cam
  • DJ Deckstream
  • DJ Ezasscul
  • DJ Four One One (DJ 411)
  • DJ Fumiya
  • DJ Grievous
  • DJ Honda
  • DJ Igacorosas
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff
  • DJ Krush
  • DJ Mark Farina
  • DJ Mitsu The Beats
  • DJ Nozawa
  • DJ Okawari
  • DJ Ryow
  • DJ Shadow
  • DJ Soulscape
  • DJ Spinna
  • DJ Vadim
  • DJ Vajra
  • DJ Whitesmith
  • DJ Wreckx
  • Dragon Fli Empire
  • Drunken Tiger
  • Dynamic Duo
  • Elaquent
  • Elzhi
  • Emancipator
  • Emanon
  • Enbull
  • Epik High
  • Fat Jon
  • Flying Lotus
  • Force of Nature
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Freddie Joachim
  • Free The Robots
  • Funky DL
  • Gagle
  • Garion
  • Giant Panda
  • Gorillaz
  • Gowe
  • Green Tea
  • Grooveman Spot
  • Haiiro De Rossi
  • Handsome Boy Modeling School
  • Hazzy
  • Headnodic
  • Heartsdale
  • heRajiKa Tracks
  • Himuki
  • Hocus Pocus
  • I Monster
  • Ichiro_
  • Ill Again
  • Incise
  • INO Hidefumi
  • Insight
  • J Dilla
  • Jazz Liberatorz
  • Jazz One
  • Jazztronik
  • Jazzyfact
  • John Forty
  • Kenichiro Nishihara
  • Kero One
  • Kev Brown
  • Kids These Days
  • Kenmochi Hidefumi
  • KMD
  • Knxwledge
  • Lady Paradox
  • Laugh
  • Leviatorz
  • Lone Catalysts
  • Louis Logic
  • m-flo
  • Madlib
  • Marcus D
  • Martiangang
  • Master Class
  • MC Meta
  • MF Doom
  • Michita
  • Mighty Mouth
  • Miyomi
  • Nitsua
  • Nomak
  • Nosaj Thing
  • Nujabes
  • Nuuro
  • O.C.
  • Obba Supa
  • Othello
  • Pandeiro
  • Pat D
  • Pe2ny
  • People Under The Stairs
  • Perquisite
  • Pete Philly
  • Pete Rock
  • Prefuse 73
  • Prince Paul
  • Raashan Ahamad
  • Ras G
  • Re: Plus
  • Renegades of Jazz
  • Rhymester
  • Riow Arai
  • RJD2
  • Sa-Ra
  • Shag
  • Shin-Ski
  • Shing02
  • Shinsight Trio
  • Shriosky
  • Sinitus Tempo
  • Skiggy Rapz
  • Slick Rick
  • Small Circle Of Friends
  • Smooth Current
  • Soulchef
  • Souls of Mischief
  • Special Others
  • Specifics
  • Speech Defect
  • Starving Artists Crew
  • Supreme Team
  • Tablo
  • Ta-ku
  • Teriyaki Boyz
  • The Jonesz
  • The Pharcyde
  • The Procussions
  • The Quiett
  • The Shanghai Restoration Project
  • The Sound Providers
  • Think Twice
  • Thomas Prime
  • Tre Hardson
  • Tres
  • Tsunenori
  • Tsutchie
  • Tyrezz
  • Ugly Ducking
  • Urbs & Cutex
  • Uyama Hiroto
  • Visioneers
  • Viva Soul
  • Zion I

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