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Bridge To Wisemans Cove Essay

Essay on Transformation of Carl in A Bridge to Wisemans Cove

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*Compare the character of Carl at the end of the novel with the person you met at the start*

James Maloney in A Bridge to Wisemans Cove takes us on a journey into the life of a young, awkward, self-conscious teenager with the name of Carl Matt. We watch Carl grow into a confident, head strong young man through his experiences of making friends and starting relationships. These experiences all lead him to finally feel loved and free. We follow Carl through the challenges that he faces and endeavours to find where he stands in life. The Carl we meet at the end is completely different to the one we met at the start.

Carl matures into a person who has friends and high self esteem, someone…show more content…

He also got the responsibility of work. When Carl first got the job, he got it because he had to, he needed the money to give to Beryl so he could have a place under her roof. But as the story goes on, he starts to love the job, starts to love working hard toward the goal of beating the other barge by taking on more passengers than them. It gives him confidence and self satisfaction when he sees something that he?s worked hard on grow and flourish. He loves the barge as he shows when he says ?but you can?t sell the barge. It?s too important!? after he heard the news that Skip and Joy were giving up and selling the barge. The barge has given him a sense of self purpose, an income and most importantly a connection with Skip and the Duncan family, including Justine. Not that he will loose this connection he may think that it won?t be as strong as it was before. At the beginning, Carl couldn?t care less about the barge or skip, he did the job only for the money. But in the end, when there was no money, he still stuck to the barge, just as determined to reach the goal that he set for himself.

Carl seemed to soar highest when the osprey was released by Carl in Wiseman?s Cove, a very emotional moment where he found a bit of himself. It seemed that Carl and the osprey?s journey to freedom was simultaneous. When he released the osprey it was a very moment. I believe that when he thrust the bird into the air, he also thrust out all of

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Topic: How does A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove illustrate the importance of love and acceptance? Introduction: Title; author; form; background; main contention and explanation of main contention. The novel, A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove authored by James Maloney illustrates an insightful journey into the depths of the themes situated among the protagonist young boy Car Matt and his life of abandonment. This novel Such as Family, Love, Belonging, Body Image and Rites of Passage. fru

novel, A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove, depicts the coming-of-age of an ordinary teenage boy named Carl Matt. Through the experiences of the protagonist Carl and other characters, Maloney highlights every human being’s deepest need for love and acceptance and demonstrates the significance of understanding where one belongs. Coming from a broken home, Carl and his brother Harley have never experienced the safety and security of a loving and wholesome family, which damages Carl’s sense of self-worth and causes Harley to become a rebellious delinquent. However, through the unconditional love and tenderness shown by Joy and Skip Duncan and by Justine, Carl and Harley are able to find healing and are finally liberated from the pain, fear, and insecurity caused by their past. Maddy Duncan also learns the importance of accepting true love. Although she is from a stable family, she is deceived by the distorted and selfish ‘love’ of Nathan Trelfo and unbeknownst to her, she becomes a miserable person. It is only when she understands who genuinely loves and cares for her that she finds true happiness.

Paragraph One: T.E.E.L. – Topic sentence; Elaboration; Evidence; Link. Topic Sentence: James Moloney demonstrates the value of being loved through the character of Carl. Elaboration: Explain the fact that he did not receive love from his parents from a young age and how it impacted him. Then discuss how the Duncans and Justine help him to come out of his shell through their affection and care.

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