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Well nice and light, nice and early. Typing without electric light already! A small mercy, gratefully accepted. Only us early risers got this extra bonus, so time to celebrate the sunrise with a steaming de-caff (good enough that you can’t tell the difference, honestly).
Few national ‘weeks’ are welcomed like National Pie Week. Most are worthwhile, a few are celebrated but National Pie Week most certainly gladdens the heart. Whilst they are rarely a sound diet choice, an occasional pie (veggie, meat, whatever) counts as a treat. I had a childhood-based fondness for that meat pie that came in a tin and popped up with flaky pastry on top. Now that makes me shiver ever-so-slightly so I’d be picking a veggie option with some healthy sounding words on the packaging. Then add chips and sauce. Nigel offers a chicken and tarragon pie today, and it wont need a tin opener.

And on the 40th anniversary of the magnificent Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, a new series appears today starring Sir Lenny Henry, Jim Broadbent and Stephen Hawking! So a HITCHHIKERS playlist will be just the ticket. Bring your own towel.

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