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Sun Microsystems Case Study Analysis Grading

Managing a Global Team Essay

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Managing A Global Team
Team 6

In the “Managing a Global Team” case study, Greg James is the global manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc. who provides companies with complete information technology solutions. He leads a customer implementation team composed of 45 members from India, France, UAE, and the U.S. Greg James assembled this team to solve problems and interact with customers on a global scale, with all of the expected benefits of a cultural diverse team. However, this hastily assembled team has since struggled to work collectively, and continues to struggle connecting with each others’ cultural and work differences. These problems have led to delays and improper handling of customer related issues, specifically the HS…show more content…

The Indian team desired to focus on creating and enhancing customer technology, but was assigned maintenance work. Because India has a somewhat weak uncertainty avoidance index, they will most likely not voice any of these concerns or change ideas. To settle these rising issues, James should: ask for the Indian team to deliver their information in meetings first, encourage them to offer ideas in the group conference meetings and assign the team an innovative project. This could help release tension for the Indian team and allow for more connectivity.
Similar to the Indian team, the UAE team also considers themselves disconnected with James. In the UAE, building relationships is important to creating a functional team. Therefore James should also strive for deeper connection with UAE team, as well as address their concern with becoming a sub-team to the Indian office. As previously mentioned, the Indian team feels underneath the America team; therefore the UAE team sees themselves even further beneath the other sub-teams. Arab countries have a particularly high power distance index, and with this in mind, believe they should be seen as equally important when compared to the other sub-teams. By allowing for more personal face to face meetings with the UAE team, James could strengthen their level of attachment to the

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William Muldoon23 April 2017Advanced FinanceMaurice KaufCase 48: Sun Microsystems1.Is Sun Microsystems a good strategic ft For Oracle?Response: As stated in the case, Oracle o±cials in past history have stated that the company had liTle to no interest in becoming an opera²ng system and hardware vendor. However, i³ this acquisi²on were to be closed, then that is exactly what they would become. However, there is an upside to closing this deal, which is that Oracle could combine the so´ware, applica²on, opera²ng system, middleware, and database on top o³ their already existent hardware. µhis lines up with Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison’s vision o³ “crea²ng an end-to-end vendor that clients goto ³or all their technology needs” (671). µhis deal would trans³orm Oracle ³rom a so´ware company that packages systems to database to disk2.What approaches would you use to place a value on Sun Microsystems?

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