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Priscilla And The Wimps Persuasive Essay

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1 “Priscilla and the Wimps”
Timed Writing Feedback

2 Create this chart on a piece of notebook paper:
ScoreReason for scoreAUse language from the rubric (at least 3 reasons here for each paperLI

3 Scores: 6=50/50 5=50/50 4=43/50 3=40/50 LOOK! You can still
2=35/50 earn a B!1=25/50

4 When you get your paper:
Reread the whole thing.No, really, the WHOLE thingUnderline your thesisCircle your topic sentences. On your notebook paper, explain how the TS relate to your THESISHighlight any part of your essay that directly relates to what the prompt asks.What two things did you do well on this paper?What one thing do you need to improve on your next essay?

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