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Child Beauty Pageants: Robbing Little Girls’ Innocence Essay

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Child Beauty Pageants: Robbing Little Girls’ Innocence There are over 5,000 child beauty pageants held annually across the United States with girls as young as two-years-old competing in them. Little girls strut across the stage with make-up painted on their tanned faces, hair teased into big and luscious curls, fake teeth, and a raunchy dance to complement it. There’s no doubt that the very young girls do not resemble their age when they are on stage and performing; they’re transformed into “sultry, Lolita-like waifs” (Giroux 270). Millions tune in and watch shows exploiting the children such as “Toddlers and Tiaras” and “Little Miss Perfect” where we see the little girls strive to be the best and prettiest. Parents should not enter…show more content…

The little girls are raised with the misconception that they can rely on their beauty to help them achieve success in life, and that “the ‘art’ of being a woman is embodied in how she looks” (Paperalla, paragraph 5). With the obsession to look perfect and beautiful, the girls wear make-up, hair extensions, fake nails, and fake teeth, some girls grew up “see[ing] themselves as not good enough without improvements” (Child Beauty Pageants, paragraph 22). A study conducted in 2005 examined a small, controlled group of young women who participated in pageants at a very young age to all have reported “greater dissatisfaction with their self-image, decreased impulse controls, increased instances of eating disorders and overall trust issues” (Dela Cruz, paragraph 10). This is evidence that child beauty pageants do not promote confidence in one’s self when they’re being judged on how perfect their appearance are.
Child beauty pageants have been rightly criticized to be “grotesque and nearly pornographic” (Child Beauty Pageants, paragraph 18). While little girls their age usually don’t make-up, hair extensions, or fake teeth, the mini beauty queens are and it causes them to appear much more mature and older than their age; this encourages premature sexuality. The little girls wear provocative clothing, perform raunchy dance routines, and make flirty moves towards the judges and crowd such as seductively blowing air kisses. Six-year-old

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Have you ever watched a child beauty pageant? Did you participate in this event? What is your attitude towards this competition? Child beauty pageants are quite popular nowadays.  Thousands of young girls take part in these contests in different corners of the world every year. They struggle for the right to be called the most beautiful one. Doubtless, a child beauty pageant is a controversial topic, because it has a great number of pluses and minuses. I would like to observe this topic in brief in order to understand whether we should ban child beauty pageants or not.

It does not worth mentioning that child beauty pageants were organized for entertainment. Years ago, people did not have computers, smartphones and TV-sets. They could not go to the cinema or theatre every day. They required additional ways of entertainment in order to amuse themselves and cope with stress. Children did not have enough entertainment too. They went to school and played at home. It was interesting to them to take part in a contest of this kind. On the other hand, these beauty pageants were different. They did not attract enormous audience, money and advertising. Every contest was for fun and amusement. Children could enjoy these contests and treated them like a simple game.

Nowadays, the situation has changed radically. An average child beauty pageant is a loud event, which involves stress, money, bribe, cheating, jealousy and anger. Many girls take part in such competitions, because their parents impose their will on her. They want to see their little daughter the winner of this contest in order to calm down their pride and egotism. Moreover, they want to win money with the help of their child, because every pageant receives solid funding from various patrons and corporations.

A beauty pageant is stress. Children have to perform in front of the big audience. Obviously, it affects their nerves and wellbeing. They are overloaded with tasks and responsibilities. They have to speak about themselves, learn poems and songs, dance, pose in front of a camera and wear tons of makeup. It does not worth mentioning that children must not wear makeup, because it can cause harm to their skin. Parents should teach their children to maintain their natural beauty, because when a little girl wears makeup, it affects her skin badly.

Next, a contest of this kind teaches little girls to appreciate the wrong values. When a girl takes part in the competition of this kind, she believes that her appearance is more important than her character, mind and feelings. Girls believe that they should strive to look better, because it is the only way to express themselves and to make others like and respect them. Very often, beauty pageants make girls become arrogant, selfish and vain. They think that they are better than other girls and they behave in this way all the time.

I guess child beauty pageants are quite useful for children though. I should say that it is the best experience for a child to learn how to behave in front of the big audience. This experience improves one’s self-esteem, courage and ambitiousness. A child copes with this challenge and she is able to take part in various school plays and use this skill in adulthood. Moreover, a child gets used to social relations and develops her active social position. Finally, it is a good chance to earn money and scholarship, because many organizations provide winners with various financial prizes and discounts on their goods and services.

Many people think that child beauty pageants should be banned. I find this issue very disputable, because the participation in this contest provides children with numerous benefits. On the other hand, these competitions are quite ‘cruel’, because they exhaust children and affect their psychological health, mind and worldview.

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