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Eth305v Assignment Of Benefits

Berkshire Carter S LBO Case Study

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1. How does Berkshire Partners create value?
Berkshire partners believes in creating values “based on successful relationships, hard work, analysis, and the open decision making of all individuals” (Partners) They do not see the acquiring company as just a financial investment but as an investment in a relationship between two living entities. They work hard in collaboration with the acquired firm to do the analysis and research and consult all individuals in both firms regarding the future of the company. They focus on quality over quantity and tend to have a smaller set of deals they think will be successful and devote their resources to conduct in-depth analysis to uncover all necessary information and thorough due diligence for each…show more content…

GP – S,G&A – Non-Recurring Charges = EBITDA. I have assumed there are no non-recurring charges.
EBITDA – DA= EBIT, although I have used the numbers given in the projection.
I have assumed the corporate tax rate to be 39.3% (Foundation, 2013) and deducted the same from EBIT to obtain NOPAT.
To obtain Free Cash Flow For The Firm (FCFF), I added back the D&A, less

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ETH305V/201 3 1 MEMORANDUM OF ASSIGNMENT 01 Que Answer Que Answer 1 2 11 2 2 4 12 1 3 2 13 2 4 4 14 1 5 3 15 1 6 1 16 2 7 3 17 3 8 4 18 1 9 1 19 3 10 2 20 2 [20 marks] 2 COMMENTS ON ASSIGNMENT 02 Question 1 a) Define the following terms and give an example of each: i) Multicultural school ii) Prejudice iii) Assimilation COMMENT This question was general well answered, but students relied too much on the prescribed book and study guide for the definition. You were expected to use your own words. Marking: Definition + one example given (2+1) = 3 marksNotes: i) Multicultural educationis an approach designed to change the environment so that different kinds of groups, including ethnic groups, women and learners with special needs, experience educational equality and academic parity.Example: South Africa’s education system aspires to be multicultural and has achieved this to a certain extent in some schools, especially those in big urban centres. (3) ii) Prejudiceis defined as a judgement or opinion against or in favour of a person or thing formed beforehand or without due examination of the facts. Example: You dislike some people because they don’t share your religion. (3)

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